Save Cambodia’s vision is to help Cambodians recognize their cultural identity and realize their self-empowerment through holistic education to guide towards a new and refined era.


Save Cambodia is a US-based non-profit organization with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative status.

We are not an organization focused on “saving” Cambodia, but more so bringing recognition to the perpetual core issues the community faces and encouraging them to save what Cambodian culture is. Continuous generations of devastation and encroachment have made it difficult for Cambodians to fully process and reflect on who they are. This reconciliation of identity remains difficult as social and cultural landscapes continuously and rapidly diminish, leading Cambodians towards extinction. That is why, we, as an organization, are dedicated to empowering Cambodians and its diaspora to save aspects of Cambodian culture and identity. We want to reawaken the people to recognize who they are, where their roots lie, and what it takes to walk from a dark era towards liberation.

As an organization, we try to understand every perspective and aspect of the issues we address, as it is necessary for creating a path for the people. We do it with a genuine dedication to Cambodians, and we hope you will Stand to Rise with us in any capacity.