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to offer Cambodians the necessary tools for gaining self-efficacy towards sustainability through engagements with individuals and global partnerships. 

2016 Thayvie Takeo

About Us

A non-profit organization that is sympathetic to pain and struggle regardless of racial, national or socioeconomic background. We believe humans can achieve resilience if provided access to opportunities for helping themselves and one another.


Our vision is to inspire Cambodians, globally and domestically, to confront the challenges of preserving a nation's identity by promoting cultural pride, socioeconomic and sustainable development, and international relations. We share our five core values of open-mindedness, integrity, courage, resilience, and diplomacy in everything we implement.


The Khmer Rouge orchestrated the 1975 Cambodian genocide, which forced many families to separate and crumbled this once prosperous nation THAT IS STILL TRYING TO RECOVER. Save Cambodia is here AS A guide FOR CAMBODIANS TOWARDS A RESOLUTION FOR THEIR PAIN AND SUFFERING.

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