It's time to unify and empower the Cambodian people.


Build a clear path towards Cambodian self-empowerment

To offer Cambodians the necessary tools for self-efficacy towards sustainability through engagements with individuals and global partnerships.

Create positive change with Save Cambodia

Save Cambodia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) run by people who understand Cambodia's challenges. As an NGO in special consultative status with UN ECOSOC, we have the means and access to bring meaningful change to Cambodia and its people.

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  • Unify Cambodian people living across the globe

  • Raise global awareness about our homeland and its struggles

  • Establish effective strategies to improve the lives of Cambodians

  • Achieve self-empowerment for our country and our people


How you can help Save Cambodia

Save Cambodia leads a variety of initiatives to build community and unity among Cambodian people all over the world. We also work in collaboration with like-minded groups on specific programs and projects geared towards making Cambodia a free and just society for all.

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Become part of our Stand to Rise initiatives.

Check out our latest work and upcoming events!

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The future of Cambodia is in your hands.
The time to stand as now.