Save Cambodia is the bridge of opportunity for individuals to empower themselves by collaborating with businesses, civil societies, governments, and the United Nations. Cambodia offers a treasure of possibilities for collaborative initiatives.
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Stand to Rise

Save Cambodia's motto is stand to rise, a movement to inspire people to overcome fear and move forward through integrity, courage, and resilience while also being open-minded and diplomatic. Our logo colors and core values are a reflection of what we believe in. We aim to preserve Cambodia's identity by working in solidarity to promote cultural pride, socioeconomic and sustainable development, and international relationships. Each individual can use our colors as a guidance towards solidarity, then strive together as we move forward towards a brighter future.

Read about our logo colors.


The Ivory Thread

The Ivory thread is a representation of collaborations between various institutions bringing mutual opportunities between all parties by uncovering the untapped potential the people of Cambodia possess.

  • Raise Awareness

    We learn about the people of Cambodia, their culture, their needs and their experiences and share them with the world. We want to share the perspective of life from a khmer's point of view. We want people to understand what life is like at a country that survived a mass genocide and is in the process of reconstructing itself.

  • Collaboration for continuous improvement

    We work in partnership with governmental institutions to improve the living conditions and the opportunities given to the Cambodian community.

  • Investment and Growth Opportunities

    We bring opportunities for business to unite and grow through social responsibility efforts quality enhancement and trust.

  • Strengthen Mutual Missions

    Seek for civil societies to collaborate and enhance our mutual missions bringing expertise and resources.

For partnership opportunities to enhance mutual missions please contact us at ivorythread@savecambodia.org.