These pants mean freedom

We are young professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds who are privileged to have access to all of America's opportunities. We have made a commitment to share our knowledge and empower our young Cambodian brothers and sisters. 

By purchasing the Khmer Silk Wrap Pants, you are joining our mission to educate and empower Cambodian children in order to help them strive towards a brighter, freedom-filled future. Your purchase will help us create opportunity and change lives. 


Who Your Purchase supports

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The Manufacturers

The Cambodian handwoven silk industry, once revered as being among the world's finest, has been in decline since the Khmer Rouge Era. After this four year countrywide genocide, Cambodian silk production decreased by 99%. With your purchase, we are reviving this industry and preserving the Cambodian silk making tradition.


The Distributor and her Employees

While it would be cheaper for us to purchase these pants directly from manufacturers, we would like to support the distributors who, in turn, support their entire community and work hard to sustain the silk weaving tradition. Phay Sina is one of these distributors who also seeks to empower her students by giving them employment opportunities.  


The Save Cambodia Community Center

The community center aims to educate and empower children with a focus on child safety, gender equality, cultural awareness, parental involvement and more! Our center will be a safe haven where students can receive free tutoring and participate in educational clubs to increase their critical thinking and individuality. We truly believe that the children are our future. 

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