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Historically, Cambodian children did not celebrate their own birthdays, instead they celebrated their parents' birthdays called
"Pakchey Boun". One's primary reasons was aspiring for their parents' to have a longer and healthier life giving an opportunity for the children to continue doing good deed celebrations with their parents.

Save Cambodia Birthday projects

Donate a Bike

Donate a bike

Bicycles are important means of transportation for Cambodian children. It allows them to travel to school and to run errands, especially in rural areas. Despite its seeming accessibility throughout the country, not every child owns a bike or one that is completely reliable. Consider donating bikes to ensure that every Cambodian child has the ability to travel securely!

Philadelphia School Supplies

School Supplies gift set

Essential school supplies are scarce in certain areas of Cambodia. Without the necessary tools of education, it becomes difficult for students to learn and for teachers to teach. By choosing to donate towards school supplies gift sets, more students will be able to receive the proper education that they deserve.

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Hygiene gift set

With diseases and undrinkable water rampant throughout Cambodia, it is with utmost importance that good hygiene is practiced. Hand soaps, toothbrushes and floss are just a few of the items included in the hygiene gift set. If personal health is your thing, think about donating your birthday towards this vital gift set!

Medicine cabinet to go

Receiving adequate medical care is complicated for those who are not financially stable or do not live close to a medical facility or pharmacy. Our medicine cabinet to go will help alleviate this issue by providing necessary vitamins, first aid kits, water purification tablets to prevent diarrhea, vegetable and fruit cleaners and more.

Prenatal Care Kit

It is difficult for Cambodian women to receive appropriate prenatal and postnatal care. Many are unaware of the steps they could take towards avoiding birth and health risks. By donating prenatal care kits, it ensures that Cambodian mothers and their children will receive the essential items that they need  (such as vitamins, supplements and baby formulas) to lead safer, healthier lives.

Biosand filter

The Bio-Sand Filter is improving the lives of many Cambodians who lack access to clean drinking water. Its natural filtration system is simple and serves as a long-term solution. Its construction takes community effort and with your donation towards Bio-Sand Filters, you and donors will get to be a part of this sustainable solution too!

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