We are a group of young, passionate professionals who have tirelessly dedicated six years to the creation of Save Cambodia. To us, Save Cambodia is more than just a non-profit, it is a symbol of values that inspire positive change for the future. Our core values— including open-mindedness, integrity, courage, resilience, and diplomacy— are the backbone of our efforts to keep the culture and identity of Cambodia safe.

Just as the path in Save Cambodia's logo is crooked, so is our pursuit in life. This path is also representative of the obstacles we face, requiring us to strive together as we move forward. In this way, our organization is a reflection of the hardship and struggles we face. However, as the path narrows to Angkor Wat, a symbol of beauty, heritage, preservation, and national pride, we are reminded that no matter the struggle, our values will guide us on the path towards reawakening, refinement, and liberation.

We, Save Cambodia, ask you to walk on this journey with us. As we stand together as one, we will rise together as a nation.

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Thayvie Sinn, Founder & President


Photo Credit: Alezander @Aleksiii on Unsplash


Save Cambodia is represented by three colors that directly reflect our mission to stand to rise.

Peacock blue represents integrity, nobility, awakening, immortality, refinement, peace, aid to humanity, incorruptibility and most importantly, resurrection. Like the peacock, the Cambodian people have the ability to thrive in the face of suffering.

Gold always maintains its pure properties, no matter how it is burned or molded. Similarly, we can never lose our qualities of compassion and empathy, regardless of the hardships that face us. It is the color of courage, wisdom, and wealth of knowledge with others.

Ivory represents pureness, neutrality, and elegance. It also represents the final step towards liberation, which requires resilience.



With Cambodia’s devastating history, increasing separation of inclusive dialogue, and generational gaps, we have taken deeply rooted cultural values from the elder generation and modernized them to bridge the gap for new generations. The beauty and richness of the following core values can be shared universally, experienced, and seen within our daily lives:


    To display a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments.


    To possess value, dignity, and honesty for oneself and others.


    The mental strength to persevere and withstand fear. 


    The art and practice of handling affairs or dealing with people in a sensitive yet effective way.


    The ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change.

Photo Credit: @JJYing on Unsplash