A Message from the Save Cambodia Team:

We are a group of young passionate professionals who have tirelessly dedicated five years to the creation of Save Cambodia. Save Cambodia is a reflection of your past and current experiences, teachings, values and passion. Most importantly, it is a guidance towards your reawakening, refinement and liberation.

As the path in the Save Cambodia’s logo is crooked, it serves as a representation that obstacles are always present towards one’s pursuit in life. But it also requires all citizens to strive together as we move forward. We, Save Cambodia, are now ready to ask for you to walk on this journey with us; Stand to Rise.

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Logo & cOLORS

Save Cambodia is represented by three colors as a presentation and guidance towards achieving the stand to rise concept. These colors are reflected within our logo. Our logo is a representation of the crooked path to serve as a reminder that obstacles are always present towards one’s pursuit in life.

Peacock blue ("save cambodia")

Peacock blue represents integrity, nobility, awakening, immortality, refinement, peace, aid to humanity, incorruptibility and most importantly resurrection. the peacock has the ability to eat poisonous plants giving it the ability to strive in the face of suffering.

Gold (Symbol)

Gold is a symbolic color for the people of Cambodia and its diaspora; an element that can maintain its properties, however burned or molded, one can never lose their pure qualities of compassion and empathy no matter the continuous hardships faced. Gold is characterized as the color of compassion, courage, wisdom and wealth of knowledge with others.

Ivory (Background)

Ivory represents pureness, neutrality, and elegance. A final step requiring resilience to continue walking towards one’s liberation.

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5 core values

With the devastating history, increasing separation of inclusive dialogue, and generational gaps, we are taking deeply rooted cultural values from the elder generation and modernizing it to bridge the gap between the new generation. The unknowingly embedded beauty and richness of these values can be shared universally, experienced and seen within our daily lives. These core values serves as guiding principles for one's daily life experience, professional network, and enhancement of existing collaborations whilst bridging the unity Khmer generations and its diaspora.

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Possesses value, dignity, and honesty for oneself and others.



Mental strenght to persevere and withstand fear. 


The art and practice of handling affairs or dealing with people in a sensitive yet effective way.


Displaying a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments.


Ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change.