7 Reasons Why You Need Khmer Silk Wrap Pants


1. You’ll exude elegance effortlessly.

Trade in trendy for timeless with the Khmer silk wrap pants to showcase a contemporary take on classic, high-quality fashion. The sophisticated design and lustrous fabric will give you a natural glow as the subtle shine highlights your silhouette. 

2. They show the perfect amount of skin. 

These pants feature a thigh-high slit that elongate your legs without being scandalous. The slit is mostly hidden when standing still, but you can give the world a glimpse of your gorgeous gams with a confident, long stride or crossed legs. 



3. They are a must-have for summer style and comfort.

The fabric is light and breathable, so you can stay cool in the summer heat. At the same time, they provide enough coverage to prevent unwanted tan lines. As an added perk, the thigh-high slit gives you easy access to that welcome summer breeze. 


4. You can tweak the fit at any time.

Weight fluctuations can feel like a burden when it comes to those jeans you love, but these wrap pants will shape your curves no matter how your body changes.* Thanks to the simple wrap technique, you can adjust the fit to accommodate your needs (see the three-step tutorial here).


5. You can feel good about your purchase. 

We deliver these amazing pants to your doorstep to empower children in Cambodia through educational and cultural enrichment with a focus on strengthening parent-child relationships. Your purchase helps us to build a community center and fund our educational programs. For more information on your contribution, click here

6. You are buying a fair-trade product & supporting a woman-owned business.

This is important to us. We pay more than market value so that our supplier (a friend of Save Cambodia- see bio here) can profit from working with us and also support her family. 



7. Dress them up or down, while making a difference.

Pair your pants with heels and a minimal top for an outfit inspired by haute couture, or wear them with a retro t-shirt and some sandals for a picnic. They are so versatile and chic, and you can wear them knowing you made an impact in the lives of Cambodian families. We are obsessed with these pants, and we know you will be too!

 *The pants have a limited diameter of 55 inches or 3XL. If your waist is larger than 55 inches, you can still wear them, but the slit will be open to the maximum width.